Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding Reception Tahirah & Hadi

Dazzling Night Reception of Tahirah & Hadi
Date: 03 July 2010
Venue: Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI

Main Dais under the Transparent Canopy

Walkway & Transparent Canopy Deco

The Bride & Groom
Congratulations Hadi & Tahirah!!!
Hand Bouquet for Bride & Bridesmaid

6000 bulbs of Fairy Lights along the park entrance

Entrance Deco with Upside Down Hanging Umbrellas

Lantern Deco

We do:
Main Dais
Transparent Canopy Lighting Deco
Walkway Deco
Lighting Deco (Fairy Lights & Paper Lanterns)
Entrance Deco (Hanging Umbrellas)
Bride's Hand Bouquet (Solemnization & Reception)
Bridesmaid's Hand Bouquet


Hana Jaffar said...

lawanya :)
can you please mail me at quotation for pelamin and deco.

kalau boleh quote kan with AND without fresh flowers sbb i might be gettin a sponsorship on truckloads of fresh flowers. insyaAlah.

oh and the wedding is to be held in July 20eleven.

mail me yea? :) thanks

farhyamar said...

♥♥♥love it♥♥♥ said...

im so in lurve with the deko..
im going to have a wedding in a garden too! can u plz mail me the quotation at


ciyaNn said...

lurveeeeeeeeeee ittttttttt!!
plis quote me too! pelamin,canopy,bouquet,lamp deco n everything pliss.. :))

Farah said...

hey there...fall in love with the decoration..can u please give me the quotation for this deco? thot of having for my nikah reception at home insyallah March 2011.

email at

sarah said...

me too! may i have your range of price for dais and deco?

hiddie said...

i love love love the whole deco, so fairytale-ish. can i have the quotation for everything please?
thank you <3

anisah said...

love the idea,concept & deco.please mail your quotation on dais,deco,canopy and lamps.thanks a lot

Dz said...

you did a FANTASTIC job for this wedding..
can you please email me the quotation for the dais, the deco and everything..=)


my email-

Aida Narina said...

Hye dear, such a good job :) I would like to get the quotations please. Kindly send it to Thanks! :)

Syukriyanty said...

can u please mail me the qoutation
i nk khemah deco everything lebih kurang kat dlm pic ni coz nnt tempat pun kt tmn rimba ttdi...
mail me k! thks

Adela said...

i nk quotation for pelamin n deco like this jugak pls :) fresh flowers n without me at
tq :)
n my wedding wil b held on feb nxt 2011. thanksss

Nurul Bahiyah Johari said...

Exquisite deco! Could you please email me the quotation for pelamin, canopy, deco lights & lamps with and without fresh flowers to

Thank you!

reena said...

Hi i'm intrested nak tau quotation untuk wedding macam this wedding jugak except that my guest is around 100 only. Tq. My email is

puteri said...

hi, absolutely lurve the deco that you did!
Could i have the quotation for the whole garden package please. Interested to have my wedding at the same venue, how to get in touch with the Taman Rimba Kiara management?

2 Hearts United in ♥ said...

hi.. i would like to have the quotation for the whole package , (mini pelamin, walkway deco, trasparent canopy with fairy lights) for solemnization ceremony on 17th June 2011 night. lots of fairy lights preferred! tq

**HH's** said...
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**HH's** said...

sgt chantekkk.. :)
really luv it!
plz send me the quotation..with n w/o fresh flowers..
thanks.. ;)

Melissa R. said...

Can i have the quotation for this please? For 200 pax. Email me at

Thank you

wawamastura said...

hai..i berminat nak tau bout ur pakej...pls email me d quotation at thank you

Rohayu Rajak said...

Hi. boleh tlg forward kan quotation ?

Lynzz Rahmat said...

cantikkk nyer....ssuai sgt lah leh tjumpe blog nie..mmg ngah mcarik someone yg leh setup garden price tuk sume nyer,,,date wedding 6th June and sye / :)

Miz Lovely Gal said...

Hi...plz email me ur quotation..