Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Story begins....

Wedding of Wan Izan & Adam Kenny Lau
Solemnization : 25/12/2009
Villa Casabella, Sunway Subang

Make Up by Nurin
Persalinan by Rins Suzana
Hand Bouquet by KerjaKahwin

We Do:
Gubahan Hantaran Tiffany Blue
Room Deco
Hand Bouquet
Catering for Akad Nikah
Coordination the ceremony

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flower Arrangement for Syedina Catering

Bandar Botanic, Klang

Main Table

Buffet Table Setting

Hand Bouquet or Bunga Tangan

Hanani Reception
Dewan Besar Tun Rahah

Sharina Solemnization & Reception
Holiday Villa, Subang

Sirih Junjung Collection

Madam Hana's Client
Masjid Wilayah

Engagement Adik Madam Hana
Batu Pahat

Hand Bouquet for Sabrina - Batu Pahat

Sabrina Engagement
Batu Pahat

I'm Back!!!

Huhu...buka email je byk sgt yg blom reply....sorry yer to all potential clients....I akan cuba sedaya upaya utk reply ur email by this week....sgt hectic last week...hope bersabar yer...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coming Soon...."Love Story" at Villa Casabella, Sunway Subang

Their "Love Story begins....."Wedding Decoration by KerjaKahwin

Solemnization Ceremony at Villa Casabella, Sunway Subang
- Dais
- Gubahan Hantaran
- Room Deco
- Hand Bouquet
- Catering
- Event planning and Coordination

Reception Ceremony at The Club, Bukit Utama Golf Course
- Main Table
- VIP Table
- Entrance Deco with Pre-Wedding Picture
- Event planning and Coordination

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Transparent Canopy

Salam and Hi to all readers... and many thanks to B2B who visited my blog and some of them i noticed ada yang copy and paste my work at their blog...ideas for them...huhu...i love wedding!!!i love energy and thought that go into wedding...i love being able to help people with one of their important life let's share with me....

This posting is about a dream wedding and bleh gak dikategorikan sebagai trend wedding sekarang...i guest...using transparent canopy...we do provide this type of wedding decoration...

This picture taken from Nicky and Apek wedding...our frens from Uniten...Actually 1st dpt their invitation pun me and my hubby mcm excited skit nak join the party.....bila sampai!!!!!this is the kind of wedding yg i mmg dream to cater for somebody yg berminat nak buat jgk...sgt cantik!!!congratulation to nicky and i snap byk picture especially on the decorations la....pic kitorang mcm xbyk lps je kitorang attend wedding nie...i byk browse on this type of wedding....mostly mmg kena buat malam la kan...kalau x mmg panas nak mampos....yerlah nama pun transparent canopy....

Ok....This type canopy mmg sgt cantik kalau deco with fairy lights and kt tgh tu gantung plak chandelier kan....hmmm lg cantik la....saiz canopy mcm canopy lain gak 20ft x nicely fit 40 pax ie. 4 set tables with chairs.....price.....sgt different from white utk dptkan budget for this type of wedding jgn segan2 lah nak email me k....i bleh supply for this type of wedding....canopy + at or call 012-3590594