Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY Dinner - Transparent Canopy

Out skit dr wedding....this event held on 25th feb 2010...for Priority Communications at Tmn. Tun...CNY Dinner...Thanks to Erlyna for giving us an opportunity and trust...

We Do :
Supply Transparent Canopy with Fairies Light and Lantern
Theme Colour : Shocking Pink


sarah said...

hi can i get your quote for transpaernt canopy with chairs&table? email me at mizzsarra@yahoo.com
thanks in advance!

elyany to said...

Hai, also int to know bout ur price.
Can I get your quote for transparent canopy together wif chairs n table? elyany_to@yahoo.com

SHER said...

hi wanie, nicely done. Can you quote the transparent canopy with table & chairs (type of chairs)with fairy lights for 350 pax. Thanks


Wati said...

Hi, can i get ur price for transparent canopy with chair,table & fairy light. untuk 2 khemah yer. thanx.


Ainee Cumi said...

Can u send me ur quatation for the transparent canopy together with the chair & table with fairy lights at ainee_witchlover@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you soon.


jamal said...

salam.... kalo nak beli canopy transparent bole?...send quo pls

mE™ said...

can i get your price on transparent canopy wif chair (type of chair) & table. wif fairy lights and how about if it's outside Klang valley.


MizChiqaZ said...

salam..can i get your quotation for transparent canopy with fairy lights, chairs and table (for 150-200 pax), and for the mini pelamin as well.

kindly email me at zetty@maxis.blackberry.com..this is for engagement btw, and im staying in ampang..


Izzatie Halim said...

Do you mind to email me the quotation for transparent canopy
(inc. chairs,table,fairy lights).
From minimum to maximum pax. Thank you.