Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thanks Again to Nurul Nadirah & Family - A present for KerjaKahwin - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Alhamdulillah, Syukur....Kerjakahwin Design & Collections dh genap setahun! Di awal setup sehinggalah ke hari ini, kami sgt2 menghargai semua client dan readers yg selalu mengunjungi blog ini sama ada mencuci mata, mencari dan sama2 share idea, sgt2 dihargai dan Thank Very very very much.....

Selepas 20 hari 'Majlis Kuntuman Kasih' selesai, x putus2 kata semangat, pujian dan komen yg i dpt dari semua termasuklah family members, kawan2, bloggers dan customers...sgt2 dihargai...

Then, on petang Jumaat 28 August, tgh kalut2 siap2 nk p tlg my parent kt bazaar ramadhan (ms tu blk kg..rindu nak berbuka bersama family), i dpt 1 sms...'I have put a Thank You Note on your blog, SELAMAT BERBUKA'...

Again, i jd semangat n terharu sgt2....Thank you so much for all the support given to me n my team...

ni yg i copy dr comment box....

First and foremost I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Kerjakahwin team especially Puan Wani and husband plus the cute little Sofea for all the effort that has been put towards my wedding ceremony.

Being an absent bride due to my workload, health condition, and a 1st daughter in the family to get married, I am totally dependent on Wani and her team during the critical stage of planning and managing the event. Every bride has her own dream, and Kerjakahwin team has definitely translated my dream to come true. Being a first timer in this project, the commitment and enthusiast attitude challenged the team capability beyond boundaries in making “elegance meets simplicity” themes possible.

Kerjakahwin team has totally exceeded our expectations. From akad nikah ceremony (check out the hantaran for both sides, truly remarkable) to marhaban to flowery reception (and little flower girls that have their own great mind), Wani and her team is always one step ahead, and for that, they are truly ready to drive full speed ahead.

With the success of Majlis Kuntuman Kasih, there is no doubt that the potential both my family and I saw in Kerjakahwin team almost a year ago, which lead us to confer a little prospect to the team is not a squander. It is definitely a beneficial investment for both parties.

Best wishes to Kerjakahwin team and thank you so much for the remarkable service. I wish you all a many luck ahead. To all of you that are still looking for a full coordination wedding, the touch and creation by Kerjakahwin team is the one to look for.

Thank you.

Nadirah - 080809

August 28, 2009 10:24 AM'

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